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Ann Hart

True Colors

Artist Statement

My work as a painter is always informed by the watercolor process - I need to think layers ahead because of the transparent nature of the medium. Happily, I like the planning and the challenge of preserving the white of the paper to achieve luminous results.

The appeal of a subject is about the light no matter what it is - could be the frog in my garden pond or a New York City street scene. I’m also drawn to imagery that combines fluidity with intricate detail and has strong contrast. Every painting is a problem to solve - the technical and interpretive decisions made need to complement each other. A truly good painting both surprises me and is exactly what I had in mind at the outset. So a ‘better’ good painting is always waiting on the next blank sheet of beautiful paper!

My hope is that my paintings invite you, the viewer, into the work to look more closely. And to draw you back even after the image has become familiar. I create art because that state of engagement is where I feel the most alive - I guess it could be called “being in the zone”, a different but similar experience for everyone. I am likely, after officially quitting for the day, to be back in the studio for a look several times before the evening is over - evaluating, celebrating, regretting perhaps, thinking about the next step. For me, this is joyous.

Ann Hart

Ann Hart has been living an artist’s life on Cape Cod since the seventies when she spent a summer in Chatham during college. Her creative career has taken various paths including pottery, fiber arts, graphic design, photography and even a 9 year stint as an innkeeper. But drawing and painting have always been her mainstay even when her energy was elsewhere. Now, painting, and specifically watercolor, have been her focus for the last 15 years. Primarily self-taught, Ann has studied with such watercolor luminaries as Mary Whyte and John Salminen.

In conjunction with creating award-winning paintings, Ann has expanded her profile by demonstrating her technique and teaching workshops. She has attained signature status in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, The New England Watercolor Society, and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, acknowledgements of excellence achieved through numerous acceptances to national and regional exhibitions juried by some of the most accomplished watercolorists of our time. Her awards are numerous at the national and local level.

Other recognitions include being among the artists featured in Deborah Forman’s book Contemporary Cape Cod Artists: Images of Land and Sea, Schiffer Publishing 2013. Ann has also had two videos produced, one by the Orpheum Theater in Chatham and a longer demonstration and overview of her work by The Colour in Your Life Australian TV Series, easily viewed on Youtube. She is represented by Gallery Antonia in Chatham, MA and her work can be seen online at and